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Empatheias Inbox

Private Telepathy, Messenger Birds, Letters, and anything else all goes here if you want Ed to receive it. Just note in your header what method is used!
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[ beginning of the month, telepathic ]

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[ Brrng brrng, Ed's head. You might recognise this as coming from Red due to familiarity tingles, but his voice should help once you pick up (please pick up.....). ]

Hi! Ed? It's me, Red! I was wondering if you had a moment.

[ hiiii do you remember me, guy. ]
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Hey! [ hi how are you, okay now moving on ] Well, I was thinking about the construction project around the lighthouse, [ since they have no actual name for the location, ] and there was something I wanted to try. It has to do with your alchemy and one of my pokémon.

[ That sounds normal. Ready to continue listening? ]
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Do you remember Mewtwo? [ If not, there's a clear image of the weirdo. Look at them, they must have a stick stuck up their butt. ]

They're a pokémon with psychic powers. It's a kind of...mind power -- but it's alright if you don't get it. [ Because some people don't and don't look to Red for explanations, ok. ] The thing is, they can copy abilities and learn how to use them themselves! Once I got them to learn one of Charizard's strongest fire moves, and they copied how to float from another pokémon!

[ No one pokémon should have all this power -- except yes they should, apparently. ]

There's a lot we'll need to build down below, so I was thinking... I might be able to get Mewtwo to learn how to do the same with their powers if they synced with you for a while. What do you think? Would you be okay giving it a go?

[ It could work, it could not. But if it did... ]
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truly...a collaborative effort involving words.

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[ Red waits without any particular emotion slipping though, eager certainly to know what would be Ed's response, but in no rush, and unsure of what it might in the first place and not looking to pressure the guy in any way via emotional attention and thus keeping it controlled. Not that he figured he could pressure him, unless to make him aggravated.

...Just, you know, based on all the shouting he remembers from way back when.

But there's a noticeable excitement that pops up when Ed agrees to it, like a person's face lighting up, and just how long would it take, he asks? ]

How about an hour? Or even less! Mewtwo should be able to sync up with you instantly, then all you need to do is use your alchemy on something so they can follow. I have a broken table and a few boxes we can use for practise; it's already outside the city!

[ He's prepared. ]
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[ Spoilers he's prepared because he was trying to do the thing already. ]

Is a visual okay? You leave from the south gate, and then...

[ Insert directions here, which in visual will be more clear since Red can just direct him by showing him the very way he went. Regardless of how he gives them though, it's a section between the lake and the forest that borders close to Verens to the south, tucked away from where anyone will bother them, and a yellow dogfox thing waiting for Ed near the gate, told about beforehand. 'I'll get Jolteon to show you the way.'

He'll be able to find them quickly enough, Mewtwo out and their pieces of broken furniture on the dirt ground, and even a fire dragon buddy sitting near to the water, with another strange creature actually in it.

It's a party dude, with all eyes on Ed when he makes his appearance. Even Mewtwo's, for a second, before it looks silently away. Red, however, offers up a hand in greeting. ]

Hey! Thanks for coming!
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[ He takes the offered notes, blinking at the writing on them (not just for their chicken scratch, but for the language they're in), looking over as Ed's attention directs him to Mewtwo. ]

Mmhm! They can get so far with it already, but when we try to keep it together... [ Well. ] Can you show him?

[ That's directed to Mewtwo, who just responds by moving out a limp arm over to the wreckage around them, all laying close together. In that motion, the wood is enveloped into a soft purple glow, and it springs up and snaps everything into place; every splinter coming together until the small storage box and table are both as they need to be to be considered as such.

But the very obvious problem comes when the bulb-hand lowers and the glow goes, and the noisy crumbling comes as the pieces fall in on themselves, nothing to support them in place. Whoops. ]

...That's as far as we can get right now.
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[ ...Red's going to mainly be this face through most of that, attempting to take in what's being said... but science jargon is so above him, that even with the few times he might ask for a clarification to keep "following" Ed, he's

he's not a fast learner, ok....not all of us are nerds.

As for Mewtwo, they're about the only one who's decided to actually look at Ed other than Red, the rest of those present deciding to do their own thing; Charizard's sprawled himself into a comfier sleeping position with Jolteon cuddling up near, and the blue loch ness wannabe's disappeared underwater.

And when Ed turns to them? ...they just stand there as quiet as they've ever been for a moment longer, before making a low and short trumpet-like sound.

is that good. ]

You won't turn down a challenge! [ --it must be, by the animated life that's returned to Red, the translator of trumpet noises from creatures. He looks over to Ed. ] Mewtwo seems as attentive as they usually get... I say we try it!

[ Let's teach Mewtwo how to build so we get this. ]